About Will Monson

The name Monsorama comes from two places. The fancy explanation is that the suffix -rama  is from the Greek word horama which means “sight, spectacle, that which is seen.” Put those together and you get my vision. The other explanation for Monsorama is that it is what my birthday is called every year.

I am a design strategist, comedian, and self-starter who has been working in design for close to a decade. With a background in design and communications, I bring ideas to life that help organizations big and small make an impact in unexpected ways.

If you are in New Orleans, there is a good chance you can catch one of my regular improv/sketch shows at The New Movement Theater or the various other venues spread out in the Big Easy. (see also The Rip Off Show and Special Features Improv.)

Short List of Clients I have worked with

• The National WWII Museum
• NAPA Auto Parts
• McDonalds
• Audubon Nature Institute
• Hell Yes Fest
• The AIGA Design Conference
• Algiers Charter School Association

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