Cryptid Logos

Cryptid Logos

Cryptozoology is the study of folklore legends. It mostly focuses on animals of legend like Loch Ness.

America is chalked full of these faux animals, like Bigfoot. My love of these creatures grew out of a trip to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans when I was younger. There was a section of the zoo that highlighted Cajun animals. This area had a swamp and gigantic alligators just chilling in the sun. This area was filled with zydeco music that I normally only would hear at a local fair, however they had a section that had the albino alligator. Audubon has one of only a handful of these sad looking creatures with their pink eyes and all white bodies. This could have been a contender for a real life make believe creature.

audubon_zoo_296Now around the corner from these lizards, was my first bit of exposure to a cryptid. The Loup Garou, or cajun werewolf. The name itself sounds like it is being said by a dude in a straw hat who is eating boudin making wolf noises. The model the zoo used was this derpy looking monster thing with giant eyes holding a stick with kid shoes tied to it. The red lights gave it a menacing feel. And when you are 8, it is utterly terrifying. I used to run past it to get away, or I would push my younger brother into the sign and run past. You know, its not about being in first place, its about not being last.

As I got older, this thing became more interesting. The plaque has a drawing of this swamp spirit thing that is just a fart cloud with arms and give the lore of the Loup Garou. It was our cajun Big Foot.

When I was in design school, I was tasked with a photoshop project on blending two animals together. I started thinking of what I could do and after going down a rabbit hole of googling, I found a website with a ton of cryptozoology entries. I was hooked. There was pages of pages of these weird animals and weirder people saying they saw them. Europe has a ton of them that sound like they are from a Dungeon and Dragons Monster manual, like Pixies, Leprechauns, and Sea Dragons. However, the United States has a huge amount of these weirdo magoo things. I got inspired to challenge myself to highlight these folklore creatures and to do a series of logos for each. I selected 10 for this project that were each unique and weird.

Check out my work section for my Cryptid Logos and read more about these weird creatures.

10 Cryptids I selected